Saturday, January 3, 2009

NEW YEAR'S RESOLVE- Recycling!!!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to create less waste, and recycle! I am going to try to create as much of my art out of recycled materials as possible this year, and I hope to blog about it. I've noticed (especially during the holidays) how much stuff I throw away, and I hate it. In the last week or so since I set this goal I have saved a few interesting things and have plans to turn them in to something new. So, stay tuned to see what they might be!

I found a bracelet a few years ago at a garage sale/markety type thing. It was a fun charm bracelet, but was kind of broken. I bought it thinking I would fix it. I never did it. So, as I was cleaning out my closet last week, I tossed it in to the garbage pile. My 5 year old daughter gasped and accused me of being a horrible person. I picked it up and put it in my pocket and declared it a "recycled art project".


I know that making pendants is all the rage right now. Scrable tile pendants and glass tile
pendants. I thought I might join the trend. I took the charms off the bracelet, pryed the funky little jewels off of each, added a tiny little print of one of my paintings and coated it with resin. I just listed some of them in my SHOP, so check them on out!

NOW FOR MY FEW FOLLOWERS: I am planning to "tag" you all soon. I know that there are several Recycled Art Challenges out there, but I am going to start my own. So look for more soon!


Jennifer said...

Your Etsy shop is way cute. What a great idea to sell Nie Nie magnets. You are always full of great, creative ideas.

Jules said...

Cute Ann...I found you! I miss you! I missed your bday and didn't get to see you at Christmas...dang! I can't find your email address but want to get in me at when you can! your have always been amazing!

Adri said...

Way cute, Ann! I'm wishing I lived next door so when you get in your creative recycling moods I could bring over my junk and you could help me feel a little "greener" Speaking of homes...are you moving this week?

Anonymous said...

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