Thursday, March 4, 2010


I really like doves. I like painting them with their necks crooked. I think that is one of the strangest/coolest thing about birds. They can be looking one direction and their head looks like it is on backwards. It's not.


Kami said...

This is really pretty. I love the tree.

I totally forgot to get that Sisters print from you when I was there! Save me one!

Marcel said...


Anonymous said...

I really love your work. I saw this one (bird, lady, tree) today when looking at new folk art images. Folk art often inspires my writings and poems. I think I've seen and noticed your work before, but this day I looked you up. I do a lot of "folk art" with a similar appreciation of life, oil pastels on old brown paper bags is my primary medium, but I'm not a visual artist; it's just for me and my friends. I am a writer and an observer of the simple things in life. Anyway, just wanted to write and say I enjoy all of your work. It makes me happy. Thanks, Story M.

nisreen.b said...

hello..i love your style.

how do you get inspired to do such do you start a painting?

what is this style's name?

ah another thing,i like the most the woman with a dove on her it ok if I paint it ?

thank you