Monday, January 18, 2010

It's all about to change.....

For the last 2 years, well...since I started this blog, the focus here was my folk art. And let's face it friends....while trying to juggle the role of being a mother, co-business owner, and whatever else I waste my time one, I don't get around to painting very much. I do, however, do something art related EVERY DAY. So....we're changing the way we look at Ann's blog. It is ann gardner DESIGN dot blogspot dot com.... for heaven's sake.

So, I will give you the latest. While decorating my kiddos rooms, I fell in to a rut. I wanted them each to have some sort of religious reminder/art in their rooms (Here's my religion), but I wasn't finding what I wanted. I like MODERN. Very simple, no shabby in my house. Well....tell me if you've seen any of that stuff around town. So, I started designing my own. Here are a couple. I am trying to decide which one to put in my girlie girl room. CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHERS.

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Christina Colwell said...

I like the faith is a little seed design. Very simple, elegant, stylish, contemporary and speaks volumes. Love it.