Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Last Two Custom Paintings

I thought that this Christmas, I would only take on a couple of custom paintings so that I could take my time, get them done early, and deliver them to the client in plenty of time. Well, I started in October and didn't deliver the last painting until...........December 23! Seriously. These were the last two I did. They were both very large scale, and included their family homes in the background. (These photos are not great. It is so hard to take pictures of big paintings!)

This one is for the Klienmans of Salt Lake City, Utah

Here are the Bolls from Seattle, Washington


Adriana Whitney said...

They are beautiful!!! you did a great job.
Thank you for adding me to your favorites on Etsy :D
I am wearing my pendants with a black cord that I bought at Target. My favorite pendant is the Frida with the pink bow.

MiKa Art said...

Wonderful paintings! They are full of love!!
Thank you very much for your comment on my blog.

kelly said...

I am in love with these. I want to know if I can afford to have you do one for me of my family.
Will you e-mail me with info?
Kelly (

Anonymous said...

where you come from!

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