Saturday, February 2, 2008


It is soon to be my favorite holiday!!! Valentine's Day. It is also my favorite show of the year! I love Valentines' Art market. It is on the 9th at Sugar House Garden Center. Check out the website for details.

I will be rotating some of my gallery paintings and will have some of these things available at Art Market. They will also have a clearance section for all artists and vendors to clearance items.

little Valentine's magnets! My favorite!


Erin said...

Hey Annie! I just posted a response to your comment on my blog. Read it and send me your e-mail so I can find out what you have been up to. I probably know more than you think because I talk to Nicole Romney and she seems to keep up to date with you.

Nicole said...

I saw you comment on Erins page. I didn't know you two were good friends. I love your magnets. I would love to have you draw my kids and put them on magnets. Maybe someday when you slow down a bit which will probably be never.